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Claudio Ridolfi started being involved in the music business a long time ago, first as a radio and disco DJ then as music specialist in the Discotto record importer and distributor in Italy.

He joined the distributor Non Stop in 1982 and contributed to form the label Many records in 1983 participating to the production of Clubhouse “Do It Again / Billy Jean”, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Thriller”.

In the meantime Many records released also Silver Pozzoli “Around My Dream”, “Rap Folie” by Marcel Fobert, “Cinderella” by Martinelli, "Mirage" by Scotch and Finzy Kontini "Cha Cha Cha" and many others .

Claudio enjoyed himself remixing tracks sometimes, tracks like “I,C love affair” by Gaznevada which launched the indie rock band Gaznevada in the dance/pop scene.

Finally he formed and managed,within Non Stop and with his new partner Fabrizio Gatto,his first Record Company, Musicola.

Musicola had some success labels such as Beat Club who realeased hits by A.S.H.A. "J.J.Ttribute", Rozalla, Bit Max, JT Company, African Business, Chimo Bayo, High Power ecc. Musicola also managed the FPI Project and launched them in 1989 with their major hit “Rich In Paradise / Going Back To My Roots”.

Unfortunately due to the financial problems occurred to the Distributor and major share holder Non Stop, Musicola stopped in 1992.
After nearly one sabbatic year Claudio and his partner started another record company, Dancework.

Sultana “Te Amo”, “Everybody Gonfi-Gon” by Two Cowboys, Nikita “Eterna, Divina”, M.Pilato & M. Monti “Gam Gam” “Clap Clap”, “All I Need Is Love” by Indiana, “Sunshine After The Rain” by New Atlantic, “Africa” by Dynamic Base, “Nightmare”, “Benedictus” by Brainbug were some of the hits released by Dancework until 2001 when Claudio left the company and started a new Publishing company, Attiva sas.


      Claudio Ridolfi (CEO)
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